What is love?

One topic I find that many people don’t fully grasp is the concept of love. Everyone seeks for love. What exactly is love? Is love found and quantified by hormones that run through the body? Is love only in place to force us to continue and perpetuate the species at the instinctual level? Might it be a social construct evolved to pair up for mutual benefit and combined resources making the individual struggle easier? Love has a purpose that is more than this. Love is more than material objects and social obligations. Love is the grand river we all play in– it guides our experiences. 

Love can Never Leave

Imagine love as the very air we breathe. The oxygen is available everywhere, no matter where we go, what we’re doing, or who we are– the air is there. The breath is the way we receive the air. There’s nothing preventing the air from flowing anywhere you go. You can’t stop the wind by yourself, the wind is there to flow. It’s our own selves that blocks the air from coming in and receiving the nourishment that is always naturally there. Love is this air, always there for us to receive. Love never leaves, it’s ourselves that leave love. Real love.

You are Worthy of Giving and receiving Love

No one owns love, it’s the very function of existence. When we don’t feel love in our lives, it means that love is blocked from us because of experiences we’ve had among other causes for blocks. These blocks are not our true nature. Love is our natural way of being. To freely give and receive love is our natural state and the way to healing. Coming back to a state of love is our purpose here and now.

Love is Healing

Love is the universal bond between all things. It’s the underlying frequency that creates a fabric for light to come together, coalesce, and dance upon. Love is a frequency transmitted by the Divine that flows continually to all creations. The purpose of energy is to move and transform, only when this energy is blocked do we experience discomfort. A lack of love, real love, causes discomfort in our lives.

Tied to each other at the infinite and microcosm, into self and projected out into our experiences. All is perfect in our awareness as we choose to acknowledge love, we realize that love never changes. It is only our perception of it that changes. So love now, love freely. It’s our natural state and is waiting for you to acknowledge the love within yourselves.

We love you!

–Trask & Hope

2 thoughts on “What is love?

  1. This is So brilliantly and beautifully worded ❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖 My heart is expanding so much right now.. thank you for expressing the absolute truth about Love 💚🙏✨💕


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