Coming Back to Love

Life is not about staying in the vibration of love all the time. It’s about learning to come back to love. No one is perfect. We’re all perfectly imperfect. This week was a bit challenging emotionally for me. I wasn’t always in the vibration of love. I wasn’t always seeing the best in others. But the lesson for me at this time was to come back to myself. Release all expectations of what I’m “supposed to be doing” and simply step into being.

It’s ok to take a break.

From that place of simply being with myself through the emotions I was experiencing was enough to bring me back to love. It’s alright if those emotions are painful. It’s necessary to process the emotions as they come. Coming back to love is coming back to yourself. And sometimes we just need a break from real life and expectations to come back to that loving place.

Emotions are experiences, they aren’t who you are.

It’s all right if things aren’t happening in the way you envision them to be. I know things will turn out much greater than you can imagine. I’ve learned that letting the expectations go leaves room for something greater to enter. Trust in the process of life. All things are working for you in this moment.

Learning to surrender has been a source of strength for me.

I love you guys!


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