How to Save Yourself

Last week, I was in a slump for a few days. I was not in the love vibration during this time, nowhere even close to it. I had fallen into patterns of fear and holding resentment towards nearly every area of my life. It was too exhausting to leave my room at times, and I was crying most of the day. How could I let myself get to this point? I thought I was strong, I knew how to get my vibration higher, but I suddenly had no motivation to do so. I thought I could not fall as far as I did. But I let myself fall. My mind wanted to stay in the loops and cycles of fear. How could I come back to love? How could I come back to that light-hearted feeling I once knew so well?

I expected someone to save me. I expected to sit back and let things happen, let things resolve themselves. I thought that if I could just wait long enough then my vibration would raise and I would feel better. I tried sleeping most of the day, and that didn’t work. I had no motivation to work on my creative projects. It was hard for me to breathe, it was hard to even think to get my heart to open.

How did I come out of this?

A loved one of mine sent me a lot of love, and it worked for a while. I leaned on his strength. It didn’t last for too long though. My foundation was shaky, he could not hold me up forever. I felt myself slipping down again. I didn’t want to step down again into fear, I wanted to rise above it– into the world of motivation and love. Once I desired to raise my vibration, the out came and presented itself to me.

 I was able to find my way, by going inward– not looking outside of myself.

And it hurt to look inward. I didn’t want to see the pain I was in. I didn’t want to admit to myself that I was suffering. I didn’t want to see that I was the one that was causing me to suffer. I was the one allowing myself to stay in fear. I allowed myself to step away from my tools– yoga, meditation, and affirmations to name a few. From stepping away from these personal practices, my confidence fell.

I feel anxiety when I don’t meditate. My energy is drained when I don’t do yoga. I feel that I am worthless when I don’t practice my positive affirmations. Saving yourself is following what works for you to raise your own vibration. Doing the work. It’s about staying consistent with these things, building yourself up. Creating the feelings you wish to have in your own life. Sometimes saving yourself requires reaching out for support. They key is action, you cannot always just wait for things to happen and resolve themselves. Just do something– do anything to get you moving in the right direction.

It’s not the essential oils, herbs, yoga, or any of the physical things themselves that heal us. We heal ourselves through these things because they are a gateway to letting more love into different areas of your life. Your own personal tools are the pathways to healing yourself.

Saving yourself is listening to yourself. It’s listening to your own guidance. Willing to look inside at the pain, acknowledge it, and then let it go. Let it go by stepping away from it. When it comes down to it, no one can do the work for you.

What if you don’t have any tools, or you are not sure if your tools are working?

I am sharing my tools for free, right here on this website. I’ve posted a Cleansing Prayer, and some positive affirmations in All is Well, as well as my take on Meditation, just for you to enjoy. These are the ways I help raise my vibration, and I invite you all to enjoy these things. I’m going to continue to post what works for me in raising my vibration, so we all can ascend together.

have a lovely day!


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