New Years Every Day

Most people at some point in their life have made a New Year’s Resolution. We have such high hopes to change with the New year. To become a better version of ourselves. Many of us use these Resolutions to spark that fire of change.

Then, many of us give up or forget our Resolutions by week three of January. Or maybe even sooner than that. I have personally made the choice to not make any New Year’s Resolutions this year. This is not because I am not committed to being the best version of me, but it’s because the idea of Resolutions is unrealistic for me. They may be unrealistic for you too, and if you feel overwhelmed or uninspired to make any New Years Resolutions, let me offer this instead:

  1. Make a New Year’s Intention
  2. Make an Intention on how you want to BE, not what you want to DO
  3. Choose a Specific Area of Focus

Intention. Setting an intention is like marking a course of where you would like to be. It’s setting a direction to head down. And the best part about intentions is that the energy and the universe tends to move energy and effort towards where we intend to go. It’s different than setting a resolution– trying to change completely overnight. I think change is better taken gradually, so setting intentions are a great route to take.

BEing not DOing. We usually all have expectations and thoughts in mind of what we want to do specifically. We know what we want our job to look like, how many places we go, or friends and followers we gain. I, at least, tend to want to plan out every last detail I want in my life– so it can be perfect. I have found that when my focus is on who I want to BE rather than what I want to do, I am happier in my life.

When I focus on who I “be” in any moment, I am more present in my life. When my intentions are focused in places of “being” I tend to become what changes I’d like to see in my life. The work then becomes internal, rather than external.

Area of Focus. Choosing something specific to put your intentions into helps to reach your goal. For example, for last year in 2018 my intentions were mostly around boundaries in relationships. I wanted to become someone who knew what healthy boundaries are and to set them for myself and others in my life. I am so much better at maintaining healthy boundaries in my life, now.


For 2019 my intentions are set around Acceptance. Accepting others as they are. Accepting my life situations. Accepting whatever answers that are given to me. Accepting myself. Accepting what I can’t change in my life. Accepting abundance in whatever form it shows up in my life. Acceptance helps me to lean in and feel happiness and gratitude.

Acceptance of what is helps me to anchor in my hope for what I wish to become. No expectation on how things look, but a sureness, hope and faith in whatever needs to happen will happen. Whatever can last will last. What I hope to become will appear before my eyes.

These intentions are not simply left and forgotten. The energy carries on to every day, every moment, every breath. We invite in New Year’s every day as we seek to carry on, to become better versions of ourselves, now.

I hope we can carry this with us on our 2019 journey.

May your future remain bright!


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