Number Meanings

This is how I view the numbers and their meanings. I did not check this against numerology, astrology or any other system– just simply what I am guided to know according to the various synchronistic numbers I see daily.

One- wholeness, unity, individual thoughts, desires, wants, basis for things to build off of, basic consciousness, first level, beginning, returning, symbol of cycles, basic awareness, returns to truth, “yes”, forward motion, safety, base, transformation, start, where we begin and end stillness, thought before action, heaven

Two- Sun & Moon, eclipse, partnerships, duality, 2 sides, interactions, safety multiple perspectives, seeing, pairs, patterns, together, growth, strengths, possibilities, potential, right/left, up/down, in/out, relative differences explorations, discovery, two parts to wholeness, but it’s as one, 2 sides to the human body remember both parts, look to see if there’s anything unknown, maybe seeing one side, connection

Three- progress, industry, work, progression, teamwork, groups, multiple groups working for a single purpose, signs, angels, consciousness, divine number, things set in motion, on course, on track, begin to line things up, defining a purpose, guidance, music, effort, choosing to think critically, known reference points, most perspectives covered, less emphasis on duality, spirals, complete thoughts in decisions

Four- foundation, letters, the building blocks, to learn, to teach, knowledge, green, trees, wood, what is built off the foundation, stability, progress, following a plan or direction, steady, no easy change, steady, bridges, building up to a purpose, what you can grasp with your hands or mind, understanding, taking steps to follow a path

Five- attitudes, behaviors, choices in feeling, options, scales, menus, variety, hierarchies, categories, spectrums, not polarityverything else, knowing where you stand, a view of the processes, no need to reach forward, or be held back. Patience, reassurances, not about the destination, becoming the destination, not wanting or striving for anything because you’re already in the process of getting what you want.

Six- forward movement, plands, observations, gathering details, planning, forward thinking, abundance, plans in motion and manifestations are one, looking inside, approval, sight, not preoccupied, coming away from preoccupation, focus, bravery, courage, solidarity, fitness, growth, observed progress, finances, tools, resources, plans

Seven- travel, places, sights, that which can be seen, out of the shadows, secrets, fans, someone stepping out and apart, not looking back to the group, aware of the group, aware of different cultures, different ways of being, interacting with what’s outside of you spontaneous, what’s unseen is seeing

Eight- Nature, motions, of the seasons, water, cycles, elements. The location of the paths, the setting, the circumstances, stillness underneath motion, the paths, timelines, possiblities and outcomes, detachment of desire and expectation, the movement down a path and the destination are one and the same. Once you commit to a path the outcome is already within reach
Nine- the top, the guidance, looking down, the progress accumulating, the end of the path, all parts of the whole, recognized, yet united, groundedness, wisdom, top of the mountain, content, complete, whole mind, peace, clear hearing, tones, surrender, allowing, wisdom in direction, knowledge but not egoic knowledge, practical applications

Zero- the unseen influences, the words that are spoken substance in what is unseen or empty, potential, inertia, white, circular motion, no emotion, all potential, the forces unseen waiting to be put into motion, an enhancer, qualifier, quality, no subject, the space of thought, encompasses all!

5 thoughts on “Number Meanings

  1. Thank you Hope – I found this to be very helpful especially with all the synchronicity’s popping up now 🙂 Love your Blog xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Also, it’s one of my abilities to decode specific synchronicities for individuals. Each number or set of numbers means something different for each person. Kind of like medicines, they affect people in different ways and activate different parts of you.

      If there’s any sync you want decoded let me know! Maybe I’ll make a post on common syncs.


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