What’s Better than Happiness?

It’s something we want to last. Happiness is what we want for ourselves and others. It’s desirable. It feels good in our bodies. It looks good to our eyes, it eases our minds. Happiness is something strived for by pretty much everyone.

What about the times when happiness isn’t there?

Those times when you are wanting for happiness to be there, and it’s not.

It’s those times when things aren’t working out. It’s not there to provide that good feeling always.

Contentment is valuable to turn to when happiness is absent or present is something you can choose always. Contentment may be a part of happiness, and it’s the part of happiness that is strong and enduring. Being content, resting into yourself and relying on yourself brings a certain strength. Contentment isn’t about wanting to be filled up with positivity all the time.

It’s about learning to be with yourself when things get shaky, and they do for everyone at times. It’s about accepting what’s enough for yourself. It’s about letting yourself and others go through hard times, in order to learn and grow.

It’s about learning to be ok when things aren’t working out the way you had in mind.

It’s accepting others, no matter what they choose. It’s accepting that other people aren’t always happy when you are.

It’s that inner knowing that everything isn’t meant to be positive all the time.

It’s knowing that always wanting positivity isn’t always a positive thing.

Wanting happiness isn’t always a happy thing.

Worrying and stressing about other people being happy will not bring you happiness. It will not bring other people happiness. Worrying brings more worry. Stress brings more stress.

Acceptance invites in life. Being content invites in more possibilities

What’s better than being happy is letting others go through hard things. It’s letting yourself go through hard things. Experience it all– positive and negative. Allowing life to happen, and having enough respect for others and yourself to experience all that life has to offer you.

Trying to make things be positive isn’t allowing the true, real experiences to come through.

Life may not always be happy, but I appreciate all life has to offer me. I want to experience it all, because that’s what’s real. Hurt is real, love is real, pain is real.

I embrace experiencing it all!

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