My Experience with Life Coaches

It seems like “life coaches” are everywhere online.

Life coaches are people who claim that they can solve at least one of your lives problems, or help you to gain clarity on your life in general.

I have personally hired a life coach for myself for the year of 2018. It was inspiring to get started working with her, I learned a lot about mindset, attitude, and owning my own choices in my life. The first couple months were worth every penny.

Beyond a couple of months, honestly, it just felt like I was paying her to be my friend. On our coaching calls, it was like we were friends and just talking about life with each other. I had, perhaps, outgrown or fully learned what she had to offer to me. So, beyond those initial first months, the amount of actual help she offered me in my life was diminishing.

By this point, I realized that my life is in my own hands. I don’t need a life coach to validate every decision I made. I don’t need someone else to provide me the road map of how to live my life.

It wasn’t the coach that showed me the best way to live life– she simply encouraged me to go after my interests, and spend time doing what I like to do. She had me read books that I learned a lot from, but I didn’t need to pay to be in a book club.

Actually, looking back, I felt pressured to make some goals and decisions that actually were not good for me, even though my life coach had recommended me making those decisions.

If you are looking to work with a life coach, know this:

  • No one knows what’s best for your life, except for you.
  • No one can make your life decisions, except for you.
  • No one can make you change, except for you.

Instead of working with a life coach, I invite you to get to know yourself. Really dive deep, and don’t be afraid to look inside.

What do YOU like? What do YOU desire?

Your life is in your hands. Not in a coach’s hands, not in your significant other’s, or your career.

How your life turns out is directly impacted by the decisions you make.

I’ve also been listening to a few different life coaches podcasts, blogs, etc. I have taken in a lot of information, hours upon hours, just in this last 6 months alone. I’ve learned that there’s many different ways to see the world. There are many different ways to explain the world to others. And none of them are the soul “right” way. None of them are the “wrong” way either. They are just different.

And switching my perspective on things and listening to other’s podcasts and blogs have expanded my mind so much. Other times, I was overwhelmed with the information. I felt like the way they were explaining life what how I should be thinking. I can think like them if I want to. But, I found much more peace contemplating my life and it’s decisions on my own, using my own brain to work through things to get to where I wanted to be.

Once you have all of those tools in your belt, you can use them as you’d like to. You can see the bigger picture.

I can try to someone else’s logic to solve my problems, but sometimes it’s too much. It is so helpful and interesting, but that doesn’t mean I need to copy them to live my life. I don’t know everything. All I know is, it’s up to me to interpret my life however I want.

At the end of the day, I don’t need to take their advice. I don’t need to use any one method to solve my problems. I don’t need to talk to any one person to solve my problems. And I don’t intend on telling anyone else how to live their lives. If they ask my opinion I’ll definitely share. Beyond that, I don’t expect anyone to take my advice unless it’s helpful for them.

But you, or anyone else doesn’t really need my help. You can access all of the knowledge, all of the love, all of the peace, and all of the answers yourself. You are so powerful, and so worthy to as well.

All of our paths are different. I haven’t found someone else’s method to life that completely works for me. And that’s ok. Everyone’s life is different. I don’t believe that there is a “one size fits all” way when it comes to life coaching. Maybe they resonate with you at certain times, and other times they don’t. That’s ok.

I genuinely appreciate all people who put out content– blogs, books, podcasts, radio shows, videos, and so much more.

I hope we can all keep connecting, collaborating, and learning from each other.

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