Traveling on my Own

Letting Go of Emotions in Sedona

A few weeks ago, I traveled on my own to Sedona, Arizona. I was in need of a break from everyday life, and hopefully to heal some emotional pain I had been experiencing. I was harboring lots of pain, sadness, and general anxiety for my future and for the relationships in my life. 

I traveled to the Bell Rock vortex. Everything was peaceful, and still. I came across no other hikers when I was there.

I found a place to rest on the rock, in the shade of some plants. I placed both hands on the rock beneath me and closed my eyes. I began to surrender– release all of the negativity I was holding onto into the earth. I imagined all of my problems, worries, and fears traveling from my body into my arms and released from both my hands into the earth. No more holding onto what no longer serves me. No longer going against the flow. I was letting myself come back into harmony with how things can be, now.

And that release set my heart free.

Leaving behind negativity creates space for positivity.

I probably spent a good 30-45 minutes sitting on that Rock. I let my heart, and the people I love’s hearts be free. No need to change anything externally, just connecting deeper within myself, aligning with my soul to understand the hardships I’ve experienced. 

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