Awakening to Pain, Love, and Life.

Awakening hurts. It’s not all “readings, rainbows, and crystals.”

Awakening causes you to question everything. 

What you knew as truth is questioned. Everything you knew to be true is broken down until it is completely neutral to you. 

Everything you knew as false is broken down to neutral. 

It’s broken down to be built up in a new light. 

Definitions of words are transformed. 

You don’t spend time with the same people anymore. You don’t interact with them the way you used to. 

Most likely, your physical environment has changed. 

Awakening is like falling off a cliff. 

But suddenly, you see with new eyes. 

It’s one of the most painful things you can imagine. I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone. 

But, that pain allows love to enter. The depth of pain you experience allows a new depth of love, lightness and pure life to enter in. 

We attract what we fear the most, just to overcome it. To learn to thrive despite walking through the very things we fear most. 

We’re meant to break down and find that light through our fears again, and again, and again. 

No gain is ever lost. 

It’s meant to happen in its own time. It will not happen until your higher self declares that you’re ready, and it’s time. It happens when you least expect it, and when you’re ready for it. 

There’s always new light to find. 

See with your heart.

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