Finding Neutral

There’s a space between the positive and the negative. This is the “gray-area.” Neutrality.

Neutral is the observer.

It’s the space between positivity and negativity.

It is where we are seeking to be in meditation.

For a while I thought I was supposed to jump from positive to negative, from “all bad” to “all good”

And this can be hard to do. Going from one extreme to the other. 

A gentler way to do this in meditation is seek for neutral.

Seek to just observe whatever is happening in the mind.

Observe the heart, and what it wants.

Be in that place where you can breathe.

Neutral is the place of no thought, of no action.

It’s the pause before the spoken word.

Rest in that place.

If you want to get from a negative state of mind, to a positive one, you first need to pass through neutral.

Neutrality is the bridge

between negativity and positivity

When we’re in a negative state and we want to feel better, the goal is to find that neutral space. Neutrality is the bridge between negativity and positivity. When we’re in neutral, we can begin to intentionally choose our thoughts. We begin to observe the negative thoughts, and can change them if we would like to. Instead of thinking negatively about our relationship, we can choose a neutral thought before a positive thought. Acknowledge the very existance of the relationship. Acknowledge that there is another living, breathing human on the other side of the relationship. They matter too. Find the facts of the situations, not opinions. This can help you to find that neutral space.

Thought shift example:

Negative: “He shouldn’t have said that. He’s being rude”

Neutral: “My friend said some things to me that I didn’t like” “I have a friend” “I’m interacting with my friend”

Positive: “Maybe he means well, we can try to compromise” “I’m grateful that he cares about this enough to bring this up with me”

Coming to that neutral place is helpful when trying to change your thoughts about a situation.

In meditation, we practice coming to that neutral place often. It’s resting in what is. It means coming back to the present moment, and being there no matter what happens. It’s changing your perspective, bringing perhaps a higher perspective. Rest and breathe into that space, neutrality.

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