Life’s Storm Meditation

This meditation was written by a friend of mine, and I had the opportunity to be the voice for it. I have included the finished meditation video as well as the script for the meditation. Please contact me before repurposing. Thank you!

Close your eyes. Imagine an ocean as far as the eye can see. You hear the waves crashing. You breathe in the damp, salty air. 

You can feel the light spray of water on your cheeks and forehead. You are high above the ocean, hovering in the thick, rolling clouds. There is nothing here and yet you feel troubled. 

You sense you are missing something, something calling out for help. You gaze down into the water as a ship comes into focus. You begin to descend downward, to gain a clearer view of this ship on the stormy water. 

Down you go, closer to the ship. You see the people running around, you sense their fear. You move down, closer to this ship. You are worried for them. The ocean is fast and loud. The waves crash into the sides of this ship and knock everyone back. 

Within the ship, under the deck, There are women, children, and elderly people nestled in closely together there. It is dark but they can hear the men yelling from above. They can hear the fear and confusion in their voices. They don’t know what to do, they might all die here. 

A small child looks down. They are in their mother’s arms. They close their eyes and focus on the feeling of their mother’s warmth surrounding them, despite the chaos all around. 

Her arms cover yours and you feel safe. She is your shield, should something try to hurt or touch you. You don’t even have to look or listen, only feel into the warmth. She will protect you from everything. You can relax. You can even fall asleep.

But back on the ship, there is one leader. One captain. They were so strong and everyone believed in them. But they can do nothing now. They can only watch and pray that this ocean and her storm not destroy everything, everyone in the ship. 

The water is cold. The light spray of cool, salty mist hits your cheeks and forehead again. You can hear the endless, rhythmic sound of the waves crashing against the ship. Is this really how it ends? 

You were so strong and yet you can do nothing when it matters the most? Are you really nothing against the force of this planet and her ocean? How could a human’s strength ever compare to that of the ocean?

Another wave hits, you hear a loud sound, very near you. the thick plank of wood next to you begins to crack,. As you turn your head to look at it, the wood as it splinters and the solid beam splits into 2. 

Thank goodness there is rope holding it together. Even in two pieces, the beam is still secure because of that thick, fibrous rope. You remember how much it hurt your hands to tighten that rope around that wooden beam when you were helping build this ship. 

That rope is strong and silent. It doesn’t feel fear, even if the wood within it’s grasp should fall apart. It simply does what it’s supposed to do until it no longer can. It will be ok If the ship falls apart. this rope can fall into the water, slowly sinking below the storming ocean, and everything can be ok. There can be peace in whatever the ocean brings. . Maybe we’re not meant change anything. Accepting this can bring peace. 

The captain lifts their eyes away from the rope and the cracked plank of wood. They turn around and look at their crew on this ship, huddled behind you in fear. They are waiting for you to tell them what to do. You were so afraid before. Afraid that you would let them down. That you would all die if you failed to protect this ship. Now, you don’t feel any fear. You have let go of that fear, accepting the storm, accepting the panic around you.

You remember how strong a simple piece of rope was and you wonder if the rope was so strong simply because it did NOT fear. It did NOT question. It just did what it was supposed to do. And when it could no longer do what it was supposed to do, it still wasn’t afraid. It allowed itself to be pulled somewhere else. It found new purpose. 

And somehow, thinking about how simple a rope’s existence was, you felt strong again. You remembered why these men followed you here, on this ship, even into this storm. Yes, this storm is cold, and loud. It’s strong winds make it hard for you to open your eyes. It pushes you back and knocks you down. 

The more you try to fight this wind, you feel the strength in your arms fade. They go limp and even your legs can barely hold you up. You’re fighting so hard to stay right here, and stay strong, but you feel like this wind is your enemy.

But, how can nature be your enemy? How can this storm be your enemy? You came from nature. You ARE nature. You cause storms sometimes, just a different kind. 

When you get angry or upset, that storm of emotions crashes into those around you. Just as these giant, heavy waves are crashing into your ship now. This storm is not your enemy. You are not being attacked by this storm. 

This storm doesn’t even know that you are here or who you are. As you realize this, you stand up and look at the ocean below the railing of the ship. You look down and see the soft, white foam on the dark water. You realize that this storm is only doing IT’S job too. You can decide how that storm will affect you. 

You soften your muscles a little and feel the wind move through you for once, no longer trying to push you down. You feel your feet sink into the ship a little and almost become one with it. You lean forward on your right leg and feel the ship move a little forward, to the right. You lean back on your left leg and the ship starts to turn left. You are guiding the ship now and it feels heavy and powerful. 

You observe the flow of energy, and you take a step forward, you continue to move the ship with you. It rocks to the right when you step onto your right foot and with your weight. It leans to the left when you step down with your left foot and propel yourself forward. 

You arrive at the front of the ship. There is nothing but storming ocean before you now. You continue to push down yet, allowing the energy from the ocean to shoot up and flow through the ship, up your legs, and out of your arms, moving the ship forward. 

You see a small white light on the horizon. The lighthouse? You’ve made it! The storm is moving behind you now and all you can see is that small dot of white light in front of you. As you look at it, your eyes become relaxed, your breathing deepens, your muscles rest into themselves, feeling peace flow through you, like the water. 

You no longer have to make the ship move forward with your legs. You can let it follow your mind. Your heart. You are drawn to this light. There is no storm in this light. You feel someone that knows you is in this light. 

Someone that loves you, has been watching over you, has been waiting for you. As you move closer to the light, you realize you are now hovering above the ocean once again. You no longer feel the cold wind from the storm. 

You feel a slight tingling and a gentle warmth. You see them there in that light. The one you’ve been missing so much. The only person you could want to see right now but couldn’t. You can feel them smiling and you see them reach out to you with open arms. 

The light surrounds you now as you continue to fly forward, into the light. You feel their arms around you, and you close your eyes. They are so sorry that they couldn’t come find you. You had to find them and they couldn’t change that, even though they wanted to come to you. They love you so much and you can finally be together, here, now, in this light.

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