Creating vs Consuming

I’ve been feeling sluggish lately.

A foggy head, lower energy levels, and just an overall sense of tiredness. I have been trying to figure out what changes in my life have been causing this, and I have discovered that through the transitions I’ve been going through in my life, I’ve been a consumer way more than being in my creative flow.

I’ve consumed way more food I don’t really want to be eating, more TV and video games, and just having a general attitude of demotivation– waiting for life to happen for me, instead of actively participating in it. I realized this, and I decided I needed a change. I wrote the following lists to compare how I feel when I’m more fixated on consuming versus creating. It felt enlivening to discover this as I wrote it.

How I feel when I Consume:

  • foggy-headed
  • lack of motivation
  • fixated on being entertained
  • addicted to entertainment
  • a general feeling of waiting for life to happen
  • feeling stuck
  • I shut out my environment

How I feel when I Create:

  • Motivated to inspire
  • thinking of others
  • more creative- creativity breeds more creativity
  • I can do so much more in a day
  • There are so many possibilities
  • I take care of myself
  • I am more invested in my environment
  • adding more elements of what I want in my life

There’s nothing wrong with being entertained, or consuming any information. I find when this takes up the majority of my time, I feel out of balance. I believe that creating is something my being needs to thrive, which is one of the reasons I have this website. To create and share my ideas! I take so much joy in this.

So, take this as a reminder to continually re-evaluate your life, how you are feeling about things, and if there’s something you need to shift to help you be where you want to be. Even just writing this blog post has helped me to feel so much more motivation to write even more.

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