When it Falls apart

The Manifestation

You get exactly what you wanted, what you have manifested, what you have asked for. You’ve received what you thought was never possible. You enjoy every moment of it, you finally feel complete. You cannot see how life can get worse, only better. Only improvement, only more growth, expansion and laughter. You feel apart of something. You feel as if this thing, as if this moment in time was meant to be. The stars aligned, it’s your time.

 You never lost sight of your vision. It was all you could see. Every path led back to this manifestation, this castle set before you. You don’t need anything else. The nights gradually began to not be so long. Connection stays deep and true, alive in your heart, yet fading from the physical world. It didn’t happen all at once, though it felt like an overnight shift as your eyes began to awaken from your dream.

Falling Apart

Everything you wanted, everything you asked for is gone in an instant, yet you realize this was in the design, this castle was meant to fall. You couldn’t see it until you were heartbroken, until it was gone, your manifestation, all you needed has left your life.

You feel like you have nothing. You don’t have what you wanted, what you manifested, what you’ve asked for. You had received everything you’ve ever wanted in the past. now, it’s gone. And what do you have left? 

Who Am I?

What better way for growth?  What better way to reach humility? What better way to show love to yourself than to build a beautiful castle, then have it all fall to the ground. To Receive what you wanted externally and have it all be taken away. You were never supposed to stay in this castle, you were supposed to care for yourself this whole time. You have manifested this castle before you, and it was also you who allowed it to fall away, to cause pain and heartache.

 It took this situation, this painful experience to show you who you are.

 Who are you without your dreams? Who are you without your manifestations reaching reality? Who are you when you have nothing but yourself?

And that’s all we can ever have, ourselves. Everything is leading you back to you. To go deeper inside, to discover yourself all over again, despite all of the experiences you’ve gone through, the emotions and the thoughts you think.

The growth isn’t in living in that beautiful castle. It’s about learning to live without it, to watch it crumble around you to see how strong you can be.

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