“Focus only on what you want, not what you don’t want”

Believing this has caused me to put blinders up in my life. This is a very common “law of attraction” quote that they tell you is supposed to solve most problems in your life.

The reasoning is “what you focus on expands” and by focusing on what you do want, you will naturally attract more of that into your life and be happier.

I bought into that reasoning. I love positive thinking, affirmations, and expanding your mind to possibilities that you never knew were real and available to you.

The problem is– I focused so much on the positive, I blocked out and blinded myself from seeing negative things in my life. The term “rose-colored glasses” comes to mind. I wanted only positive things in my life to happen– I blinded out some things I should have paid attention to. And this has caused me more suffering in the long run. If I would have seen some warning signs and red flags early on, I could have prevented them from staying in my life. I simply couldn’t see them because I had trained myself to only see the positive. 

It’s important to be brave enough to see the negatives in life. It’s important to be able to deal with problems as they come up. We’re all human, no one is immune to mistakes, problems, negativity, or struggles. We are here to experience it all, we are here to not only see the positive, but to be human.

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