What is hope?

Hope is something we all have inside of us. It’s that glimmer of light inside you, the very inspiration to carry us through our darkest and lightest hours. Hope has carried me through my journey, no matter where we find ourselves, we can find hope there too. Hope is what I follow to find my way. I wish to share what I’ve learned so that you, the reader, can find your own way too.

What is healing?

For me, healing is growth. Healing is learning. Healing mind, body, and spirit is available right now, in this moment. The more I learn, the more I can’t keep it inside. Healing is meant to be shared. And I’ll share it. Right here is a space for healing, learning, and growing, created just for you.

About the Author

My name is Rylie, I am a yoga teacher and an aspiring yoga therapist. My intention for this website is to inspire and share what I have learned so far through this journey of life. Along with teaching yoga, I teach meditation and post guided meditations on my YouTube channel regularly. It’s my hope that what has helped me on my journey may help you too!