Forgiveness isn’t about getting something.
It’s about giving yourself and others the gift of unconditional love.
It’s possible to find love, forgiveness, and hope in any situation.

In a world that seems to be changing all around you, choose forgiveness. When expectations are not met, and people aren’t who you wanted them to be, find forgiveness.

Forgiveness opens up channels of love all around you, to allow love to flow from and to you freely.

Forgiveness is an “inside job.” Most of the work is done from within. The feeling of forgiveness leads to actions of forgiveness, which leads to apologies, and reconciliation. It all starts inside.

Enjoy this meditation with me to generate the feelings of forgiveness within you.

Solar Plexus: Manipura

Manipura: “City of Jewels”

The Solar plexus chakra represents our independence, figuring out who we are. We take this independence and enter into our willpower. The will to live and reach our aspirations in life. The main organ system of this chakra is the digestive system. The digestive system is wise; it takes whatever we put into it and knows when to take and when to throw away. There’s fire in belly to digest life’s experiences, the fuel to drive us forward

Solar Plexus
Attribute: Masculine
Location: Above belly button
Characteristics: Willpower, motivation, confidence
Element: Fire
Color: Yellow
Organs associated: Pancreas, digestive system, muscles, adrenals
Age of development: 14-21 years
Affirmations: I am powerful, I have purpose, I am strong
Independence– figuring out who we are.

Key issues: Power, Fear, Anxiety, Introversion
Issues: energy, activity, autonomy, individuation, will, self-esteem, proactivity, power
Identity: ego identity
Demon: Shame
Basic right: to act and be an individual

Balanced: confidence, responsibility, reliability, self esteem, transformation, overcoming inertia, self-starting, assert our will, spontaneity, taking risks to better your life.

Deficiency: low energy, weak will, easily manipulated, poor self discipline, low self esteem, cold emotionally and physically, attraction to stimulants, victim mentality- blaming other, passive, unreliable.

In excess: overly aggressive, dominating and controlling, need to be right or having the last word, manipulative, deceitful, seeking to be in power, violence, stubbornness, competitive, arrogant, hyperactive, anger, hatred, status, recognition

Physical diseases: eating disorders, blood sugar disruption, digestive problems, disorders, fatigued, disorders of the stomach, pancreas, gall bladder and liver, possible cancer.

Healing Practices: Risk Taking (if deficient), grounding and emotional contact with others, deep relaxation, stress control (if excess), vigorous exercise, martial arts, sit-ups, abdominal work, psychotherapy.

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