Releasing Religion part 2

My experience with the Mormon church.

When I was 18, I remember one specific instance driving in my car to work. At a stoplight, I felt despair in my heart as I prayed:

God, If I can’t be who I am, if who I am is sin to you, then I guess you’ve lost me.”

“I can never lose you.”

These are the words I heard, these are the words I felt in that moment. Continue reading “Releasing Religion part 2”

Releasing Religion part 1

My Experience with the Mormon church.

This topic has been hard for me to write about. Part of me wants to pretend that I haven’t gone through these things in my life, denying that they were ever problems, issues, and that it marks me as different from my family and those that I grew up with.

I’m afraid that as I talk about these issues, it may seem like I’m exaggerating, or making something out of nothing. I’m afraid that my voice may not matter as I work the courage to share it. I am choosing, now, to give myself a voice, to share what i have been afraid of expressing to anyone for so long. I’m writing this primarily for myself, and if it helps another, then I will be grateful.

I was raised a Mormon, and I no longer believe in the religion. Continue reading “Releasing Religion part 1”


Forgiveness isn’t about getting something.
It’s about giving yourself and others the gift of unconditional love.
It’s possible to find love, forgiveness, and hope in any situation.

In a world that seems to be changing all around you, choose forgiveness. When expectations are not met, and people aren’t who you wanted them to be, find forgiveness.

Forgiveness opens up channels of love all around you, to allow love to flow from and to you freely.

Forgiveness is an “inside job.” Most of the work is done from within. The feeling of forgiveness leads to actions of forgiveness, which leads to apologies, and reconciliation. It all starts inside.

Enjoy this meditation with me to generate the feelings of forgiveness within you.