Healing Services

Intuitive Meditations


Intuitive meditations downloaded from higher-self for your specific needs. These meditations are one of a kind intuitive downloads to help you increase your focus, strengthen your energy and help you release old patterns from your life, and develop your meditation practice. 

What to Expect:

  • A channeled, personalized meditation
  • This meditation will be focused on your individual needs
  • Delivered by Email

Price: $10

Rainbow Readings

This type of intuitive reading and energy work was shown to us by our higher self.


We, Hope and Trask, connect to each other and to our higher self before we do the reading. It begins by linking our heart chakras together and opening this space so the reading may commence. We go through each chakra together identifying blocks that are impeding the flow within the complete chakra system one by one. Once the blocks are identified, they can be cleared and we tailor affirmations specific to each one, so they do not return.

Through these readings we find specific patterns and ways to break them, overlooked pains that have been silently stifling energy and even identifying and activating latent abilities unknown to the person receiving the reading. We prefer not to know anything about the person before the reading, it is best to approach this blind so that the reading may come in clearly.

What to Expect:

  • An hour long call through our discord server
  • Energetic clearing of any blocks in the Chakra system
  • A list of Positive Affirmations to aid you in your personal development

Price: $111


For inquiries on any of these services, please either email us directly, or fill out the contact form below. We hope to be in touch with you soon!