Throat Chakra: Vishudda

Vishudda: ”Purification Center”


This energy center is all about creation and expression. It’s about being able to express what is in your heart and mind. Communication with others and relationships are formed through this center. A balanced throat center allows the rich, inner world to be expressed to others. It also allows a balance of giving and receiving in your life. This flow of giving and receiving allows purification to happen in our lives.

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Heart Chakra: Anahata

Anahata: “Unbroken Rhythm and Endless Sound”


It’s about love.
Love for ourselves, others, and creation
True love is unconditional.

The Heart Chakra is the bridge between the lower, earthy chakras, and the higher ethereal chakras. It is the gateway into higher levels of consciousness.

Having an open heart means being open to giving and receiving true, unconditional love. In this realm there are endless possibilities to life– there are many different ways to love. The heart is connection, it’s pure and true. There’s no room or place for self-centeredness here. Everything is centered on everyone, including you. There’s room to reach out, to see, hear, and experience the best of life with others. The heart is where I choose to live my life from. It is, oh, so possible for you too.

Attribute: Feminine
Location: center of the chest
Characteristics: connection with others, The bridge between upper/lower chakras, balance
Element: Wind/air
Color: Green
Organs associated: heart/circulatory system, respiratory
Age: 21-28years- pairbonding ages
Affirmations: I am compassionate, I am filled with love, i am loved, i am content, it is safe to feel, it is safe to love and be loved, I love and accept myself, I love and accept all beings.

Purposes: love, balance, gateway to higher consciousness– integrates matter chakras below with spiritual chakras above
Key issues: passion, tenderness, inner-child issues, rejection, jealousy
Identity: social
Orientation: acceptance of the self and others
Basic rights: to love and to be loved
Demon: grief

Balanced: compassionate, loving, empathetic, self-loving, altruistic, peaceful, balanced
Deficiency: antisocial, withdrawn, cold, critical, judgmental, intolerant, loneliness, isolation, “closed hearted,” depression, fear of intimacy, fear of relationships, lack of empathy

Excess: codependency, poor boundaries, demanding, clinginess, jealousy, giving too much of yourself

Physical diseases: shallow breathing, asthma, lung diseases, sunken chest, immune deficiency, high blood pressure, tension between shoulder blades, pain in chest, circulation problems

Healing practices: breathing exercises, reach out/ take in with arms, journaling, self-growth

Love you all!

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Solar Plexus Chakra: Manipura

The Solar Plexus: The Energetic Center of Power, Wisdom, and Identity


The Solar plexus chakra represents our independence, figuring out who we are. We take this independence and enter into our willpower. The will to live and reach our aspirations in life. The main organ system of this chakra is the digestive system. The digestive system is wise; it takes whatever we put into it and knows when to take and when to throw away. There’s fire in belly to digest life’s experiences, the fuel to drive us forward.

There are three main aspects to the Solar Plexus Chakra
  1. Wisdom. One of the main organ systems of the Solar Plexus Chakra is the digestive system. This affects us in the integration of information. The digestive system is wise- it takes whatever we put into it and knows when to take and when to let go. Connecting to this energy center allows us to connect to the wisdom of ourselves, our decision making process, too.
  2. Power. This is our center of power. It is important to keep our power balanced. To not give our power away too much, but to also not over power and seek to control many things in our life.
  3. Identity. A part of balancing our sense of power is to find and accept who we are as a person. Maintaining our sense of identity is important to keep up the work of decision making.
The solar plexus is the heart of deep belly laughter, warmth, ease and vitality from service

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Sacral Chakra: Swadistana

Swadistana translates to “one’s own dwelling place.” This energy center is the storehouse of samskaras, which are the past mental impressions stored in the form of archetypes–the stories we habitually tell ourselves. The quality of this energy is Feminine, needs to be gentle, receptive, non-forceful. Sensitivity and surrender are key. Water flows, moves, and changes, so does a healthy Sacral Chakra.

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Solar Plexus vs Heart: A Change in Energies

Lately, the energies have been shifting from living from our power center, to our heart center. I’ve been experiencing solar plexus turbulence… this energy needs to move from our solar plexus to our heart. Expectations of relationships and power struggles need to be exchanged for unconditional love and surrender. Moving the energies from our solar plexus to the heart leads to us feeling better in this changing time.

I will do my best to explain how relationships manifest through the solar plexus and the heart center.

Living from the Solar Plexus

When we are expressing ourselves through the energy of the solar plexus, we seek to control the outcomes and circumstances of our life. This is easily seen in relationships– with others and yourself.

This is seeking to control other’s reactions. You act in ways and expect for others to react in certain ways as well. This need to be in control– the need to have power is blocking us from experiencing free and loving relationships.

This can also feel like you losing control of your relationships, that things are falling apart. From either of these places, it’s important to surrender. Surrender to the process of life. Surrender and act from the heart.

Living from the Heart

Living from your heart-center means acceptance. Acceptance for others and who they are. Accepting other’s reactions. Accepting yourself if you make a mistake. Accepting other’s mistakes.

You let others experience what they choose to, in their own time. Letting go of expectations of them, seeking the highest good for all.

This is the space of unconditional love.

Isn’t this what we all want? To be loved unconditionally.

Accept everything as an experience. A chosen experience.

This isn’t to say put up with abusive or unhealthy relationships. This means to love and accept yourself so much that you don’t obsess over getting love from anyone else. Have love and acceptance flood your own life, so this love floods into every relationship you have with others.

We are all doing the best we can, with all that we know, now.

No– we will not always be perfect at this. We will not always live this way. In the process of coming back to true, unconditional love is where the lessons are learned. Just trying is where growth happens. Just showing up opens the door to learn the lessons.

I invite you to surrender a little more into your heart-space.

love you!